It seems that every time I plan a new book, I automatically want it to be part of a series. Why? I’m not entirely sure. Maybe it’s because if I’m spending that much time getting involved with new characters, new settings, etc., I want them to live on and on and on.

Writing a series does keep them alive.

Another advantage of writing a series is that with each book the writer and the readers get closer to the characters and really develop a bond with them. For that reason, each new book in an ongoing series usually has a built-in audience.

Because the writer is already familiar with the characters and setting, there’s less work involved in writing additional books. No need to create the fictional world all over again. A drawback, though, is that sometimes the writer wants to expand his or her ideas and try new characters, settings, and stories. I think that’s why I have so many different series going.

And now I’m starting a new series–the time travel book I’ve mentioned. It will take a 17 year old girl back in time to the Colorado gold rush. I’m still working on sequels to my ongoing series. I want to keep writing those because the characters have become like family to me. But I’ve long had an interest in time travel stories and in gold mining (no, I’ve never done any mining and don’t intend to). For the new story, I get to explore both.

I’ve already worked on a time travel series (The Bavarian Woods Mystery Series), and I intend to write the third book in that series. But it would be difficult to include gold mining in that series. I may take those time travelers on a new adventure–to a different time or place–but I think that would be in Europe somewhere. Don’t know what time period. I’m exploring ideas right now. The difficulty with that is: Which characters would time travel again? And why?

Anyway, I’m getting off track here. I’ve already set up my Outsiders series for the next book. Some of my characters will be going on a train trip through parts of Europe. That should be interesting. I have the first five chapters written for the next book in my Project Chameleon series. The main characters (from Liars’ Games) are moving to a secret town, supposedly where there isn’t any governmental control. We shall see. I also have the next book planned for my Chambre Noir series. Lastly, I left off in my new book Breadcrumbs and Bombs with a pretty good hint at what the next books will be about.

A few months ago, before I finished Breadcrumbs and Bombs, my husband told me I should stick with the series I already have and not start any new series. But after I finished that book (a new series) he also understood why I wanted to try something different. Which way is better? I’m not sure. All I know for sure is that I want to keep writing and exploring people and situations.