Today, tragedy struck the city of Moore, Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City. A massive tornado ripped through the city and destroyed homes, a hospital, two schools, a movie theater and other buildings. School children are missing and fifty-one people are confirmed dead so far. My heart goes out to them. I have family who live in the area. My stepmother is without power and her neighborhood is filled with debris, but she was lucky. The tornado touched down only a half mile from her house. A relative of mine has another relative who lost his house today. We’re still waiting to hear from a second-cousin who lives in the path of the tornado.

All of this reminds me of years ago when the Federal building in downtown Oklahoma City was blown up and many innocent people lost their lives. The whole city was in mourning. For months afterwards everyone drove with their headlights on even in broad daylight. It was a way of showing their mourning. I know, because I lived there then and I, too, drove with my headlights on.

I don’t know why I’m writing this other than to say I feel for the people of Oklahoma and hope they can recover quickly. I know they are resilient. I’m just sad that they are once again faced with devastation.