I owe thanks to the many people who helped with my book and/or provided encouragment throughout the writing and publishing of In the Shadows. First is editor/publisher Robert Peett, who provided some of the early editing, book plotting advice, pointers about England and France, and encouraged me to join Facebook and start a blog. My husband, Will, helped with much of the later editing and provided the book formatting. My daughter, Samantha, created the beautiful book cover artwork. Author Sara Stinson read a pre-release copy of the book and helped with proofreading/editing.

My local author friends, Marlene Lee, Carrie Koepke, Deni Cary Phillips, and Lori Younker read early drafts of some chapters and critiqued them. Author Keija Parssinen sponsored one of my upcoming book talks and gave me much needed encouragement.

Authors John Holt, Lisa Scullard, Gerry McCullough, Glenn Muller, Christopher D. Abbott, and Maria Constantine gave advise on self-publishing. Dean Lombardo, Sofie E. Tallis, Jane Risdon, Sammy Smith, Katrina Jack, Ken Dawson, Gillian O’Rourke, Zoe Harris, Mary Fan, Mary Enck, Susan Wingate, Toni Lopopolo, Majanka Verstraete, Bustles Lloyd, John Bayliss, and many others in the literary world provided friendship and encouragement over the past few years. I’m afraid I’ve missed many more people. Please know I am grateful to all who stood by me and enabled me to create and publish this book.

Thank you, Everyone.