An author friend, Glenn Muller, invited me to write a guest post about time travel for his blog. Here’s a brief excerpt. I hope you’ll follow the link to his blog and read the whole article.

This week, Uncorked Ink is happy to host Susan Finlay as a guest blogger. We’ve known each other forever, in Internet years, which is why her post on time travel is so fitting. Take it away, Susan!
Thanks for inviting me to write about time travel on your blog, Glenn.

I recently met with a local author to discuss writing and publishing. Somehow the conversation turned to the subject of which genres sell the best. We both agreed that sci-fi and fantasy readers seemed more receptive to books by new authors. When I told him I am working on a time travel story called Cobblestone, he said, “If I had to resort to writing time travel to sell books, I would quit writing.” That hurt a little. But it wasn’t a surprise. I’ve heard that kind of comment before. I went on to explain that I was writing Cobblestone not to capture a new audience, but because I actually like time travel stories.

Back in 1991 while browsing the romance section of an Oklahoma City bookstore, another shopper recommended the book Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, a new author at the time. I read the book blurb on the back cover and looked at the woman. “Time travel?” I said. She assured me that I wouldn’t be disappointed. She said it was the best book she’d read in years. I bought it. Since then, Diana Gabaldon has published six more books in the series and is about to release the next one. Outlander is being made into a television series (coming in 2014) for the Starz network. I love the books. Obviously I’m not the only one. And it’s not the only successful time travel book or series.

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