As you may know, I was scheduled to give a book talk on February 1st, but an ice storm caused a postponement. That book talk was rescheduled for today, in the new library in Ashland, Missouri, approximately mid-way between Columbia and Jefferson City.

I was nervous and excited about giving my first major book talk, but the room full of smiling faces (50 of them) made it a wonderful experience. We laughed a lot, and they asked me some great questions. My nervousness slipped away and I had so much fun that now I want to do it again. I was amazed that I didn’t even need the microphone that was on the table next to me.

I want to thank everyone who attended, and I hope that some who said they wanted to come but had conflicting plans will make it to another one of my talks in the future. Thank you, Kit and Cathy Salter for inviting me to speak. You did a great job with picking the venue, and I’m sure the next venue–the Osher Parks and Recreation Building–will be wonderful.