Here is the front book cover.

Final Front Cover DIGITAL

Here is the blurb from the back cover:

In Reynier, France, a sleepy hillside village
peppered with ancient picturesque troglodyte
cave dwellings, the locals value their privacy
and their quiet life. Few tourists know it exits,
which suits the locals just fine.

One day, after a torrential storm, a
townswoman happens across a terrified
soaked toddler sitting alone in the woods. She
brings the toddler into town, but no one
recognizes the child. Suspecting the child’s
parents—rare tourists perhaps—must be lost
or in trouble nearby, the locals organize a
search party to find them. Their search leads
instead to the discovery of a murder victim,
another stranger, in one of the caves. As the
investigation gets underway, the situation
heats up. The residents of this once peaceful
close-knit village find themselves terrorized
by a possible serial killer. Facing their own
mortality, they wonder whether the killer is an
outsider, or one of their own? And who will
be the next victim?

Captain Pascal Goddard of the local
Gendarmerie has his hands full; he must
solve the biggest murder case the region has
ever seen. The residents will not let him rest
until he uncovers the killer’s identity, putting
a stop to the killing so a frantic village can
return to normal. But as the list of suspects
grows, some begin to worry that past history
will paint them as guilty even if they are not;
at least not of murder.

Where Secrets Reside is the
second book in the Outsiders
series. Praise for the first book,
In the Shadows

“Impeccable Characters. . . Susan
Finlay’s sense of character
development in IN THE SHADOWS
is impeccable. I’m very fond of this
author and this story.”
Author of the award-winning, #1
Amazon bestsellers Drowning and the
Bobby’s Diner series

“Atmospheric, great setting. . . the
descriptive prose drew me right into a
convincing story from the outset and
I can only imagine that the author’s
experience as a photographer, with a
photographer’s eye, must be the other
side of the coin to the compelling eye
for setting.”
Author of A Child From the Wishing
and Aristo’s Family

“One of My Favorite Novelists. . .
Susan Finlay is an accomplished
writer who can bring a story to life. It
was easy for me to get lost In the
Shadows. I loved this Outsiders