It’s hard to believe the day is finally here. My third book is making it’s debut on Amazon. I hope you’ll check it out. It might not be showing on all the Amazon sites yet, but should be shortly.

About the book:

What if you had to start over and make a new life and new identity for yourself . . . ? Dr Juliet Powell is a genius math professor, who doesn’t lie, but through circumstances beyond her control, her life has suddenly changed and is ensconced in a sequence of events that forces her to lie, over and over. She tells herself she will eventually adapt, but with each new identity she’s getting further and further away from who she really is. Desperate, her life and that of her young son are in danger and depend on her hiding. Her protector tells her she needs to blend in like a chameleon, play the game and reinvent herself—and not fail this time. Her newest role places her as the principal at a gang and drug plagued high school, where she has opportunity to make a difference. But then she discovers that a stranger is watching her and her young son. On the surface the story deals with school violence and fear, but at its heart is a woman’s struggle with societal decline, lies, deception, trust, and self-identity.

Praise for Susan Finlay’s other novels— ‘Susan Finlay is an accomplished writer who can bring a story to life. It was easy for me to get lost In The Shadows. I loved this Outsiders Mystery.’
‘Just finished reading. I enjoyed it tremendously and had a hard time putting it down when necessary. Well written with good story and side plots to keep me reading.’
‘Susan Finlay’s sense of character development in IN THE SHADOWS is impeccable. I’m very fond of this author and this story.’
‘Where Secrets Reside is a great mystery that kept me thinking I knew who was committing the murders each time one happened, but unexpected twists proved me wrong more than once. I definitely will read her books in the future.’ ‘My new, favorite author didn’t disappoint me with her latest release. If you like mysteries you won’t want to miss this one, a book you can’t put down with continual suspense and surprises.’
‘This book is cleverly plotted and works as a sequel to the first Outsiders mystery. The characters have developed maturity, and there is an interesting twist stemming from more background knowledge about the history of the grandmothers. The setting is in the same fictional town in France, but the caves play a more important role.’’+games%3A+A+Project+Chameleon+Novel