I’d like to introduce you to the eighty-ninth interviewee in my ‘Meet the Author’ series. He is Christopher G. Nuttall.

Christopher Nuttall

Hi, Christopher! Welcome to Susan Finlay Writes blog site. Can you tell us a bit about your background as a writer?

There isn’t that much to tell, really. I started writing in 2005, then just kept going. Then I started putting books on Kindle, which eventually took off .

Your website lists seven science fiction series and thirteen standalone books, if I counted right. These are all self-published as ebooks. Can you tell us about your books?

There are quite a few of them, as I explore different universes and genres. The Ark Royal series is simple space opera, focused around the outdated space carrier HMS Ark Royal as she becomes the sole starship capable of standing up to an onrushing alien threat. Schooled of Magic, on the other hand, is a fantasy story, focused around a girl who finds herself in an alternate world – and a magical boarding school.

Do you have a favorite series or book and/or a most popular series or book that you’ve written?

The most popular, I think, is the Ark Royal series, but my personal favorite is Schooled in Magic. There are 14 books planned in the series.

Where do you get your book covers? How much input do you have in their designs?

Different places. I started with ISTOCKPHOTO, then started commissioning covers from various artists around the internet. The former doesn’t give me much input, the latter allows quite a bit of input. We went backwards and forwards a few times for the professional covers.

Your website also lists a tentative release-date schedule for five books that will be published by professional publication houses. Can you tell us about any of those?

Well, I mentioned Schooled in Magic above . There are two books in the pipeline from that universe and one more written, but not yet conceptually edited or approved. Necropolis is the third book in The Royal Sorceress series, which sends Gwen to Russia in search of her missing daughter.

Do you have a favorite review of any of your books?

This one – http://pgsramblings.wordpress.com/2014/03/14/schooled-in-magic-simply-a-great-book/

What books or authors have most influenced you in your own writing? Do you have a mentor?

Too many books to mention. If I was giving advice to writers, I’d tell them to read widely and make note of what works and what doesn’t. For example, one book I read had a pointless plotline about a conflict between the XO and a minor crewman, which annoyed the hell out of me at the time. So I avoided writing something comparable myself.

David Weber, John Ringo, Peter Hamilton, Iain M. Banks and quite a few others deserve honourable mentions. I learned a lot from them

Do you have a writing routine?

I get up in the morning, make a cup of coffee and start writing. I try to do around 9000 words per day, then spend the rest of the day doing something different.

What is your favorite or least favorite part of writing?

My favorite part, to quote Hannibal, is when a plot comes together perfectly on the page. My least favorite part is editing the books afterwards, particularly when the editor is ultra-savage. I’m determined to avoid becoming editor-proof – quite a few authors have gone downhill when they become too famous to edit – but it’s still a major hassle.

Please list any websites or social media links for yourself or your book. Thanks!

Christopher Nuttall is the author of 32 books on kindle and 9 books through small presses. He currently moves between Britain and Malaysia with his wife Aisha and a colossal collection of books.

Website: http://www.chrishanger.net/
Blog: http://chrishanger.wordpress.com/
Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/ChristopherGNuttall