People often ask me about the picture at the top of my blog. Where is that? Who took the picture?

Well, my son took the picture a couple of years ago in Bavaria–actually in a small medieval town near Munich, Germany. He sent it to me, along with some other photos from Munich and Augsburg, and from Salzburg, Austria. I fell in love with this particular photo and asked him if I could use it for my blog. He was happy to let me use it. Here are a few more of his photos.






Now, I’m getting ready to release my novel that is set in Bavaria, in and around a fictitious medieval town that combines some features from numerous German towns. I’m excited about releasing the book, but I don’t really know yet how I’m going to describe it on the back cover and how I’m going to categorize it. It’s a time travel story, so it could be described as science fiction, but I have a hard time seeing myself as a sci-fi author. I’m more of a mystery writer–and I did include a murder mystery in the story. To me, though, the story isn’t just a sci-fi or a mystery. It’s more about the characters, the land of fairy tales, and the themes of family, relationships, self-recrimination and guilt, and redemption.

The book finally has a title–but I’m waiting until I have a book cover before I reveal it here. It won’t be long now!