I worked hard to get my fourth book published in November, partially so that I could take a brief break before tackling next month’s schedule. December is going to be a hectic month for me, especially the last twelve days of the month. During that time, I’m giving a big book talk at the Boone County Historical Society in Columbia, Missouri–that event is December 20th. After that is my birthday, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Add to all of that shopping for gifts, mailing packages, putting up holiday decorations, etc.

In the month between now and my book talk, I need to plan out the talk. I’ve done several book talks here in Columbia and may get some of the same people attending this new one, so I want to give a different kind of talk that won’t be repeating what I’ve already said. That’s tough. I’m thinking about showing some pictures on a projector this time. That could be fun. Anyway, that’s a big challenge–to create a plan for the event.

I’m also working on a big interview questionnaire that someone sent me. She has some really good questions on it and it will take some time for me to answer them all.

I’m not complaining. It’s good to keep busy during the holidays, especially since this will be our first Christmas without both of our children. Scott is living/working in Germany and Samantha is going to Grad school in California. We’ll miss them. Thank goodness for webcam chats!