Do you want to hear something kinda funny?

Last week I went to a local bookstore that sells used books to shop for something in particular. I bought the book What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I have to admit I was hesitant to take the book to the check out counter since the cashier there knows me.

Why was I embarrassed? Well, I’m past child-bearing and my kids are in their twenties–and no, I wasn’t buying it for either of them. I may have blushed a bit as I handed the book to her, and quickly said, “It’s for research for one of my novels.” She just smiled.

I’d already read the book twice (it’s been in publication since 1984 and has numerous reprints). In fact it was like a bible for me when I was expecting each of my kids. Trouble is, after all these years, I couldn’t remember everything. In my current work-in-progress I need some good details about pregnancy and childbirth because, for those of you who have read my other books, you’ll remember that in Where Secrets Reside, two main characters were pregnant. In this next book, those women–and another one or two–will be delivering their babies or will be nearing delivery.

The biggest challenge in writing in this book–besides dealing with all these pregnancies, childbirth, and babies–is that I am linking two of my book series temporarily. Some characters from Liars’ Games: A Project Chameleon Novel will be main characters in Winter Tears: An Outsiders Mystery. That requires a lot of work to weave them into the Reynier, France setting and create something that will satisfy fans of both series. I’m having fun with it and hope that readers will, too.