Yay! When an author releases a new book into the world, they do it with a combination of excitement and nervousness; it’s like sending your child off to school for the very first time and waiting anxiously until they get home and tell you about their experience, or when you go to their first parent-teacher conference to find out how they are doing. That’s why, when I read the first review of my newest mystery, The Handyman, on Amazon, I was thrilled that the reader liked it and that she wrote such a wonderful review. That five-star review makes me very happy. Thanks! You made my day!

Here’s what it says:

Susan Finlay does it again. She delivers excitement
December 5, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I have read many books by this author and The Handyman is one of her best yet. I love a story that gets me so involved, I go from chapter to chapter unable to find a place to stop. On this novel the end of a chapter is so cleverly crafted that I was compelled to quickly move to the next. Susan Finlay is adept at developing her characters and their interactions one with the other, that when reading her novels, I always become so immersed with the story I cannot escape until the end of the last chapter. Then, I am left feeling like something is missing because I want more. It’s wonderfully kind of the author to write her novels so that is possible to pick up an enhancement of the story again in her next in the series.

The Handyman is much more than what you would expect from the title. The character who plays that role, through family complications while he is in Paris, is brought to escape from the drama into a small French country village where the Troglo dwellings, that you may have encountered in previous novels, become the setting for suspense and mystery. He forms new relationships that give him an enhanced sense of family that is both rewarding and soothing to his injured heart. He develops into a man concerned with protecting his new friends which provides purpose to his life.

Of course there are villains who lead everyone through mysteries of happenings of the past. Secrets, retribution and all the elements that make this a compelling story are there for your reading enjoyment.