A while back I posted about moving across country with our three cats. You might remember that the cats were scared and upset when they saw our old house completely empty, especially our youngest cat who shrieked and ran into the bathroom to hide.

Now that they are settled into our new house, they seem happier than ever. They go outside in our lanai (screened in patio) every day. The youngest cat even took her favorite cat toy out there yesterday and played with it. She loves watching the birds that come into the yard, especially the quail. The day before yesterday a large family of quail ran across the yard playing and making strange sounds. The cats were delighted by the show.

Of course they like watching the bunnies, too. Three baby bunnies were romping around together in our backyard for several days. They’ve moved on to another yard now that they are bigger. We haven’t seen any lizards yet. I’m sure the cats will be excited to watch them, too, if they come into the yard.

Our youngest cat purrs a lot now. I don’t think she misses our old house at all.