Some of you may know I started work last month on the fourth book in my Outsiders Mystery series, but I stopped for a while to get Tanglewood Grotto published. Now that is published, and I’m back to work.

I’m about one-fifth of the way done with the first draft of The Forgotten Tomb. I had to go back and re-read everything I’d written last month to refresh my memory. I’ve made some minor edits and I’ve made some big changes to the mystery I had planned.

While I’m working on the next chapters, I’m also conducting research into troglodytes and cave-dwellings in France (yes, those are real), because much of this new book will deal with the history. What I’m finding is that there’s not a lot of information available–at least not here in the U.S. I have a few books with some information and I’ve found a few websites with a tiny bit of information.

I’m still searching, but I suspect I will have to let my imagination take over and will create my own history of the caves in and around my fictional town. Some of the mystery in the story will require research on another subject which, luckily, is more readily available. I can’t tell you what that subject is without spoiling some of the mystery.

Anyway, one thing I have learned, is that troglodytes were considered outsiders in France. That works out great for the series!