Yesterday, my husband I went with a tour group to the Apache Junction area of the Superstition Mountains. Our first stop–the old western town of Tortilla Flat. It’s a block long, has a small museum, a restaurant, an ice cream/fudge shop, and a gift shop. Our guide told us that only six (or maybe it was seven) people still live in the town. We had a wonderful lunch there and looked around the town.

From there, we traveled two miles to Canyon Lake, where we waited for our boat tour on the Dolly Steamboat. When we boarded the boat, we and our friends, Susan and Gene, walked up the stairs to the upper level, found good seats near windows, and settled in with popcorn and sodas. We were ready to go!

The boat’s guide told us to watch for wildlife–javalinas, coyotes, mountain lions, eagles, and Desert Bighorn sheep. I got my camera ready and searched the hillsides as we traveled on the water. I loved watching the scenery change often, as we rounded corners. Various types of rock, cacti, and grasses covered the hills. The shadows created by the hills and rocky cliff walls made the water look different, sometimes bright lime green, sometimes dark murky green. In other spots was water looked bright blue. We saw caves, rocks that looked like statues, etc.

We saw lots of boats and water skiiers in the water, and fishermen sitting on the shoreline. We even spotted a couple of tents near the water’s edge.


On the last part of our boat trip, the guide told us he’d spotted an eagle flying over the boat. Some of us stepped outside to look for it. I finally spotted it, zoomed in with my camera, and got one photo. It came out a bit blurry, but I was happy because the bird was at least visible.


Finally, near the end of the trip, the guide spotted a pronghorn buck perched at the top of a rocky hill. Again, some of us stepped outside and tried to get photos. I snapped four or five. Only two came out reasonably well. As I returned to my seat, we discussed whether or not the buck was real or a prop. Well, after I posted them online and saw the two photos side-by-side, I had to say the buck was probably real. Both photos were taken from the same angle, and in one photo he’s looking straight ahead. In the other photo, it appears his head was turned.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Sunshine, friends, a peaceful boat ride, and beautiful scenery. The camera and photos help me capture it all so that I can relive it again and again!