Some of you may already know this: I’m working on multiple novels right now. I’ve written numerous chapters of the sequel to The Handyman, one of my mystery novels set in France. The book doesn’t have a title yet, but it’s well on its way to getting written.

I’ve also written numerous chapters of the sequel to Liars’ Games, my suspense novel that started out in Denver, Colorado. The new book is tentatively titled The Secret Town. It will be a suspense/thriller and will include some politics and maybe a bit of gold mining.

What I’ve mostly kept to myself until now is that I’ve also started work on a book that has long been lingering in the back of my mind. It doesn’t have a title yet. The characters don’t have names yet. I’m in the research stage and planning stage. The book will be set in a small town in the former Sudetenland, which is now in the Czech Republic and the main characters are Ethnic Germans. It will take place during and after World War II.

I’m interested in that time period and place because my mother came from there. She and her entire family, along with millions of other Germans were forcefully expelled from the country and sent back to Germany. I say ‘back to Germany’, but I’m not sure that they had ever been to Germany prior to that event.

My book will be fictional and the characters will also be fictional, but I will include as much history as I can because I want to tell the story of the people who suffered, not only during the war, but afterwards, too.

I’ll post more information as I get further along. Right now, I’m struggling with all the research. It’s amazing how difficult it is to get details about that event, even in today’s modern era of information overload.