Guest author: Susan Finlay – Breadcrumbs and Bombs

The lovely Sue Vincent invited me to be a guest blogger on her website. I hope you’ll check it out!

Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Hello, readers! Sue Vincent was kind enough to invite me to write a guest blog post about my brand new historical mystery novel, Breadcrumbs and Bombs. Thank you so much, Sue!

Breadcrumbs and Bombs is a novel that deals with genealogy, WWII, and the Ethnic/Sudeten Germans who were living in an especially dangerous place during the war. The story is set in four places: Sacramento, California, in current times, where a young American man is tracing his family’s roots; the former Sudetenland during WWII; Prague, Czechovslovia also during WWII; and Bavaria, Germany, during and after the war. With all those settings, I needed multiple point-of-view characters and needed to create those characters’ worlds. Not an easy thing to do. But I had lots of fun with this project. Many mornings I woke up with the story and characters vivid in my head, almost as if I were still asleep…

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