I’ve posted articles about how to write book reviews and about how important reviews are to authors and to readers. In my most recent article on the topic, I gave a few short examples.

Today, I’m posting one of the most amazing book reviews I’ve ever read. It brought tears of joy to my eyes. I hope you’ll understand why. This is from Amazon.com and is a 5-star review of Breadcrumbs and Bombs.

Thank you Susan Finlay for giving us Breadcrumbs and Bombs

February 9, 2018

Bedcrumbs and Bombs – My Review

Thank you Susan Finlay, for this soulful novel of a time remembered by readers who lived during some of the most damaging years to mankind ever seen in history. The war that was so rife with prejudice against people who did not fit a view of perfection, held by those in power, was shameful. It is apparently sneaking up on us once more in these restless times. The story, Breadcrumbs and Bombs sounds an alarm for us and honestly, should be read by everyone to wake us up to what is happening today. This is a very timely novel and in my opinion, an essential read. There are many personalities woven into the fabric of the author’s story. Once the pages turn you will reach those passages where the different characters all play a strategic role to bring the reality into focus. Since it was written with a strong element of historical fact, it is indeed an opportunity to learn more of those times. It is a studious examination of some little known history surrounding just how far the tentacles of prejudice can reach, and it is overwhelming. If you think you know all there is to know about that time in history, you will be surprised, as I was. It has been said by many that we should have been so shocked by what took place then that we should vow to never let it happen again. I feel this wonderfully intricate story will be able to remind everyone who reads it of our obligation to those who died during that horrific time to do whatever is necessary to prevent any sort of reoccurrence of such crime.

Susan Finlay has a unique skill when it comes to balancing a wide cast of characters. I have read many of her other novels and I feel this latest one is certainly an excellent example of her ability to execute a command of her people. They interact with a healthy dose of realism that you feel they actually exist. It was effortless for me to form an affinity with them and long to have their sorrows and burdens lessened. There are some very pleasant scenes that are warm and much appreciated by contrast with others that are not that way at all. I think of the adversity and feel all the more grateful for my life of freedom and the ease that comes with it in every sense of the word. That is what this novel has done for me. It made me think and form conclusions on my own life and of how fortunate I am. Who knows what lies ahead for us here in America, but I assure you, today we are all in that strong, able boat sailing along with good fortune and fair weather. It is not so much in other parts of the world but I am grateful for the opportunity to read this wonderful novel that is laced with meaning and hope.