In the past, whenever I was preparing to give a book talk, I wrote up a lot of what I would say. I made cards to shuffle through, figuring that way I wouldn’t forget anything and I would be less likely to fumble my words. I guess it worked, but I want to do something different with my next book talk. I want to be more spontaneous, more natural.

But even with being more spontaneous, I need to have a plan. I need to have a starting place and I need to have some main talking points. The talk will mainly focus on my newest novel, Breadcrumbs and Bombs.

So, here are my questions for you readers out there:

If you were coming to my book talk, what questions would you want to ask me?

What would you like to know about my books or my writing process? Are you more interested in hearing about WWII and the history in my newest book, or are you more interested in learning how I came up with the story and characters?

Are you interested in learning about my other books, too?

Are you interested in hearing about writing and publishing in general?

Any other topics or questions you can think of would be appreciated, too. Thanks in advance for your feedback!