Some people think you can’t work on two books at the same time. Well, you can, in a manner of speaking. I am juggling two books, going back and forth between projects. The one I started first is Not Expecting This, the third book in my Bavarian Woods series (and the first book in a new time travel series). It’s basically a cross-over book, sort of like a spin-off series.  One or more characters from Inherit the Past will end up in a different time and place; Colorado, US instead of Bavaria, Germany.

It gets complicated. I’ll be introducing some interesting new characters, including a seventeen year old pregnant teenager from Florida. I’m having fun with the story. On chapter ten now.

The other book is Bloodlines and Barbed Wire, the sequel to Breadcrumbs and Bombs. Lucas Landry and his family will be in the book, and I’ll be introducing a bunch of new characters, including a sixteen year old girl from Phoenix, who lives with her great-grandmother, a German woman who has collected family members’ diaries, etc. over the eighty-eight years she’s been alive. Through those characters and those diaries, Lucas will once again explore his family’s roots and he’ll figure out how he and the young girl are related. The book will be set in the Sudetenland, Germany, Poland, and probably Italy or Austria. I’m still working on some of the details. I’m on chapter three now.

Technically, I’m working on a third book, too. It’s The Secret Town, a sequel to Liars’ Games. I’m on chapter five, but I’ve temporarily set it aside until I finish one of the other two books. I’m a two book juggler, I guess.