Getting Creative

I love getting creative, but that means I always have project in the works and am juggling them every day. Some of you may be wondering what projects I’m working on. Too many, probably. Landscaping projects with my husband, editing projects, scrapbooking projects, research projects, etc.

I have been trying to focus on only two for now. Well, three if I count the landscaping project that my husband is currently working on and I’m helping with. The two primary books I’m working on are the sequels to two of my series.

My main book in progress is tentatively titled Bloodlines and Barbed Wire: A Tangled Roots Historical Mystery, and it’s the second book in that series, following Breadcrumbs and Bombs. I hope to have that book out by the end of 2018. I’ve written four chapters so far and I’m still working out plot details.

The other book is tentatively titled Not Expecting This: A Bavarian Woods Time Travel Mystery, and it’s the third book in that series, following Inherit the Past and Tanglewood Grotto. Since the new book is set in a different time period and different location, I am also considering making it the first book in a new series, therefore, it would be a cross-over book. Think of it like a spin-off TV series. The new series could possibly be considered young adult genre. I hope to have that book also out by the end of 2018. I’ve written eleven chapters so far and again I’m still working out plot details.

I switch back and forth between working on the two books. It gives me a break and lets the ideas percolate in the back of my mind.

Other book projects include:

Train of Thought: An Outsiders Mystery, following The Forgotten Tomb.

Patterns (a new Young Adult mystery series)

From Out of Nowhere: A Chambre Noir Mystery, following The Handyman

The Secret Town: A Project Chameleon Suspense Novel, following Liars’ Games and Winter Tears.

I don’t have a schedule, yet, for when these books will be done, but I wanted to let you know what I have planned.

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