My time travel mystery series is set in Bavaria and starts out in a beautiful old walled town called Riesen. It’s a fictional town, but similar to many of the medieval towns in Bavaria.  Note: Inherit the Past is available for free download right now on all Amazon websites worldwide.

The first time I saw one of those towns was about thirty-five years ago when my mother and I were visiting relatives in Germany. One of my uncles, my mother’s oldest brother, was driving us from Frankfurt down south to visit another sister. Along the way, we stopped outside the gates of an old walled town called Nordlingen. I was awed by the glimpse I saw of the ancient wall, the old houses, the cobbled roads. I wanted to go inside and explore.

My uncle said we didn’t have time. His sister was expecting us.

I vowed to myself right then and there that if I ever went back to Germany, I would visit that town and really explore.

Years later, I wrote Inherit the Past and set it in a similar town, using my memories and research to create a believable German town. Then, a couple years ago, I did get to go back to Germany (to visit our son who lives in Munich).

And, yes, I did go back to Nordlingen and explored. I was determined to walk all the way around the wall on the rampart, and I did (along with my husband, our son, and his wife). It was amazing. We also walked all around the town, ate a delicious lunch, and took tons of photos.