As Mother’s Day approaches, I was feeling a bit sad because both my grown son and my grown daughter live far away from me and I won’t get to see them anytime soon. I knew that my son had sent a card, which was in the mail still. I didn’t know if my daughter remembered to send one or not. I figured that I would likely get a phone from each of them on Mother’s Day, and my husband would take me out for lunch or dinner. I didn’t expect any presents, though.

Well, yesterday, late in the afternoon, when my husband backed our car out of the garage because we were going to the local hardware store, I said, “Let me grab our mail before we go.” I rushed over to our mailbox and pulled out the mail, which included a Mother’s Day card. It was from our psychologist daughter.

I got into the car, and as we drove away, I opened the card envelope and pulled out the card. In the center was a small note that started out with the heading ‘Breadcrumbs and Bombs’. I gasped in surprise. It was her review of the book. I didn’t know she had read it. It might be the first book of mine that she’s read.

I started reading the review out loud to my husband. As I read, I got all choked up. I was close to tears, the good kind of tears.

Here’s what she said:

Breadcrumbs and Bombs

I highly recommend this book. I felt immersed in the cultures, and the characters felt real to me, which made it more impactful. There were messages about humanity, prejudice, family, and overcoming hardship.

This book made me think a lot, and feel a lot too, which I think is exactly what a book should do.

I called her when I got home. She told me she finished reading the book a week ago and wanted to surprise me. She sure did. This was the best Mother’s Day present she could have given me.

Thank you, Samantha!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. And to all the children, remember that kind words can be the best give you can give your mother.