I wasn’t able to write anything in my new time travel mystery novel, Not Expecting This, last week due to a family emergency (which I wrote about in a previous post), but I’m back to writing. I have only ten chapters left to write. I know this, because I have just finished writing the outline of those final chapters.

So, I’m now closing in on the final chapters of the first draft. Yay! With a fairly detailed outline prepared, I’m hoping the writing will be fast and easy. It’s hard to say, though. I’ll keep you updated here when I know more, but for now, I am a little over two-thirds done with the book and hope to finish within the next two to three weeks.

After I finish the first draft, I’ll have a tiny bit of research and a lot of rewrites to do. That’s completely normal. My rewrites tend to be quick. Usually takes two to four weeks for my rewrites. Then I’ll send the finished manuscript to my editor. The editor may take up to two months for edits. It varies, depending on his work load and the particular book.

Keeping fingers crossed that it all works out! Yay!