People have been asking for the sequel to Breadcrumbs and Bombs, and I’m excited to say that the sequel is underway. A couple months ago, I wrote an outline for the book and the first four or five chapters, then set it aside, temporarily, to work on my latest time travel mystery (tentatively titled Not Expecting This). I’m now finishing self-edits for that time travel novel and will be diving back into the writing of Bloodlines and Barbed Wire next week.

I’m really excited about the sequel. There will be some returning characters (Lucas, his wife and kids, his brother and his family) as well as a bunch of new characters that I hope will capture readers’ hearts. There will be a few villains, too.

As you can probably tell by the title, this book will also take place during WWII. Some of the settings will be different, though, which means I’ll need to do more research, but I love research, so it’s not a problem. I love learning new things. More than anything, though, I love creating new stories that make readers think and feel.