As I wait for the print proof of the my book to arrive, I’m sitting in a kind of limbo. I’m finding it hard to work on my next book while I wait for the last stage (proofing the book) before I publish my time travel mystery, Not Expecting This. Logic tells me I should dive headlong into my historical novel, as a distraction while I’m waiting, but my brain is telling me to take a short breather and rest for a few days.

I have about five chapters written already for my historical novel, Bloodlines and Barbed Wire (the sequel to Breadcrumbs and Bombs) and I have much of the book outlined. I also have the sequel to The Handyman planned out. It’s tentatively titled, The Widower. I plan to work on that starting in January, followed by the fifth book in my Outsiders series. That book is tentatively titled, Train of Thought, and I’ll work on that as soon as I finish, The Widower. And then there is The Secret Town, the sequel to Liars’ Games.

So, with all those books waiting in the wings, it’s hard for me to justify not writing every day, but I think I will take a few days off and replenish my brain energy.

While you wait for Not Expecting This to come out, I hope you’ll get your free Kindle copy of Inherit the Past and check out my other books!