My mother-in-law, Patricia Finlay, was a writer of children’s stories but she never got any of them published. She was also the inspiration for one of my novels, The Handyman. She was suffering from lung cancer when I started writing that book. She passed away a month later, when I was about halfway through the book. My book isn’t about her, but is about an elderly woman dying of lung cancer.

A year or two after Patricia (known around her hometown as ‘Grandma Pat’) passed away, her son and daughter put all of her children’s stories into two books and published them on Amazon. They are: ‘Happily Ever After’ and ‘In the Deep Dark Woods’.

If you have young children, young grandchildren, or even young great-grandchilldren who like stories, I hope you’ll buy them these books.

Please spread the word, too. I’d really like to see Grandma Pat’s books take off and keep her memory alive. Thanks!…/…/B07175P6KG