I love zoos and animals, especially baby animals. On a recent trip to Oklahoma to visit our daughter, I was delighted to hear about a small petting/feeding zoo near her home. My husband, daughter, and I spent a couple hours at that zoo on Sunday.

When we entered the zoo, we were immediately greeted by a college student who was holding a baby kangaroo in a pouch. She handed the baby to our daughter, who was thrilled to hold the adorable Joey. I took lots of photos and then I got to hold him, too. In one photo, the baby is giving us a hi-five. .

We saw a zebra and some capybaras (hope I got the spelling right.

Then we saw two cages with monkeys. A zoo attendant was stationed there and she handed out sticks with grapes stuck on the end, so that guests could feed the monkeys. Our daughter fed several of them.

We saw a porcupine, but didn’t get to feed him. He didn’t want to pose for photos, either. We particularly liked the cat. I think it was a serval.

One of our favorites of the day was the camel. Our daughter fed him quite a lot, but when she stopped feeding him, he got a bit upset and tried to eat or steal her hat. We aren’t sure, but we were quite surprised when he reached over and grabbed hold of her hat with his mouth and started pulling. She put her hand on top of her hat, and the camel was practically pulling her to his cage. She finally got away from him–and the hat wasn’t even damaged.

After that, we fed goats. Lots of goats. Some were friendly, and others were downright mean, pushing the smaller goats away so they could get the food.

They had a large turtle, too, but we didn’t get to feed it.

Feeding the kangaroos was cool, too.

There were other animals, as well, but I’ll leave you with photos of the zoo employee feeding bananas to the spider monkeys. That was fun to watch.