Have you ever read a review? Almost every author, singer, or producer or seller of any product, wants reviews. They need reviews.

That said, they aren’t always happy when they get one. Why? Unfortunately, reviews can be a mixed bag.

Take this one, for example. This is the first line of a long review of a new cd by my favorite singer (a worldwide star). I’ve left the artist’s name off this example.

I am sorry to say this album does not, in my opinion, rate even one star. The only natural sound on this album is XXXX’s voice. All other music, including the chorus, is electronically generated.

Um, what? I own the cd. The accompanying booklet lists The London Philharmonic Orchestra and two professional choirs. As I follow the reviews of this cd it’s clear that people either love it or hate it. Roughly three-quarters of the reviews are 5-stars.

Here’s an example of one of the many 5-star reviews:

This album is absolutely excellent. Easily her best album since XXXX, this album has something for everyone. Don’t delay, do yourself a favor and give it a listen!

The rest are 1-star or 2-stars. How is that people can have such extremely different tastes and opinions?

The fact is, they do. It’s the same with books and other products.

Last night, I checked my book reviews. I was happy to see that the first book in my time travel series had gotten a new review. (Note: There are currently three books in this series.)

Here’s the latest review:

Book 1 was great. It made me inpatient for book 2. Book 2 was uh. I lacked the details and adventure that the first book provided. Book 3 Sucked! Book 3 was like a ripoff of book 1’s story and turned into a lifetime move script. I will never buy from this author again.

Sigh. Okay, this review was a major disappointment. First off, she thought book 1 was great but gave that book a 1-star review. Second, book 3 was a totally different story than book 1. But disregarding that, what’s wrong with a lifetime movie script? I like lifetime channel movies.

All three books in the series have some really great reviews. Again, this shows that you can’t please everyone.

The biggest problem is that many people rely on reviews to decide whether or not to purchase a product, which means reviews can affect sales. But it isn’t only that. For the makers of the products, it can be very discouraging to get a bad review. It can affect their self-confidence and it can’t hurt their enthusiasm to continue their work.

All I can say to all you authors, singers, etc. is: Don’t let the bad reviews get to you. Knowing that everybody gets them, no matter how famous/popular they are should tell you that you’re in good company. Take the advice if you’re lucky enough to get some good advice, but otherwise, let the bad reviews go. Keep focused on the positive ones! In most cases, the positives far outweigh the negatives.