OMG! I now have the next two books in my Tangled Roots series planned out at least partially. Too many books to write. I think I now have at least five books, spanning three series, planned out. I have one–The Secret Town, book two in my Project Chameleon series–partially written.

The ideas for the new Tangled Roots books came to my mind yesterday while hubby, daughter, and I were on a one day road trip through Arizona. We saw gorgeous scenery as we drove from the Phoenix around, northeast to Payson and eventually to Showlow, then south and west to Globe and Florence, back to the Phoenix area. It was a long drive through desert, forest, and canyons. Amazing scenery.

My mind seemed to go into overdrive. I kept pulling my steno notebook and pen out of my purse to jot down the ideas. Maybe I need to do more of these road trips.