Dachau Concentration Camp was an interesting place to visit, especially on a dark and gloomy day in April. It had a mix of visitors, all ages, really. The scenery was dreary in most places, however, there was a sharp contrast as we made our way to the second half of our self-guided tour of the memorial site.

We left the main building and made our way across the roll-call square, we saw the barbed wire fence on one side, along with a watch tower (I presume) and a gate. Then we saw the only remaining detention bunker/barrack.

Behind this building, you see rows and rows of outlines where the other bunkers/barracks used to be. They’ve all been demolished. Below are pictures of the inside of the bunker/barrack.

Lastly, the wash room and toilets.

From there, we continued across the grounds towards several religious memorials. It was eerie passing the spots where bunkers used to exist.

This last photo is an aerial view of what it looked like during the war.

I have too many photos, so I will conclude this series with Part III, showing the crematoriums (for those of you who aren’t afraid to look). Stay tuned. . .