Since my newest book, ‘The Secret Town’, will be out in less than a week, you might expect my ‘book spotlight’ to be on that book, so you’re probably not expecting this.

I’m spotlighting ‘Not Expecting This‘. It’s the third book in my Bavarian Woods time travel mystery series. The first two books in the series are set in Germany in the late 18th century. Readers probably weren’t expecting the third book to be set in Colorado during the Gold Rush.

I had originally intended to make this book a stand-alone book, but I changed that and made it part of the existing series. One of the main characters from ‘Inherit the Past’ (Ryan Hollander) makes an ‘unexpected’ time jump backwards–and across continents. In other words, he enters the time portal, expecting to go back to the future, but lands in Colorado and realizes he’s in a lot of trouble. Something is wrong with the time portal and he may never get home. Home was California in our time, until he and his family got transported back in time while vacationing in Germany. He’s now lost, both physically and emotionally.

In Colorado, he meets up with the protagonist, Bailey Blackwood, a seventeen-year-old pregnant girl from current time.

Bailey certainly hadn’t expected to time travel. She hadn’t even known it was possible. When she arrived in the gold-mining town, she at first thought she was in some sort of theme park. Oh, what a surprise when she realized what happened! She, too, is lost and scared and worried about the baby she’s expecting.

The town’s sheriff, learning that both teens are time travelers, pairs up Bailey and Ryan for security reasons, but these two are both closed-off and want nothing more than to survive until they can get back to their own lives and their own time.

This book is one of my favorites, because it gave me a chance to utilize a brand new setting involving gold mining and to create a new mystery about family, guilt, regrets, and redemption.