The first book in my Tangled Roots series was born a year and a half ago. The second was born in April of this year. Now, the third book in the¬†genealogical/historical mystery series is in progress. I’m on the fourth chapter and having fun writing it. I wish I could give you details about the book, Berlin and Betrayal, but I don’t want to give too much of the story away. What I can tell you is that readers will see more of the characters from Bloodlines and Barbed Wire.

They’ll also see new settings. Lucas and family are moving to Germany! This is especially fun for me, since they will see places I’ve visited in Germany.

They can also expect to see Lucas’s brother Seth in a new environment and taking on new responsibilities. For the first time, I’ll be writing some scenes from Seth’s point-of-view.

Lucas will get to meet some of his distant relatives, including some from the family diaries he’s been reading. He’ll also learn more about Germany, its history, and its culture.