It’s been a while since I posted about my new Tangled Roots book, Berlin and Betrayal. I’m working hard on the book. It requires a lot of research–reading history books about World War II, reading memoirs, learning more about German cities. Munich, a Bavarian city I’ve visited several times, will play a role in this book. For that part of the book, I can use some of my own experiences to add to the details. I can also use memories from my visits to the Nazi Museum and the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Museum.

Berlin is more difficult, since I haven’t visited. I hope to get some help with that from my author son, Scott Finlay. I believe he’s been to Berlin. Some of the memoirs I’ve read really helped me get a sense of what Berlin was like in the 1940’s.

As I learn more about World War II and the world attitudes leading up to the war, I am seeing lots of similarities between that time and our current time. It’s scary. After learning about the horrific times people lived through during the war, I sincerely hope we aren’t heading into another big war.

I don’t have an estimated publication date for Berlin and Betrayal, but I’m hoping for early next year. Stay tuned!