My most recent book, The Secret Town, is set in a mysterious town that is off the grid. It’s supposedly a refuge for people who need to hide out. That’s what attracted Steve and Claire Jensen to the place. I wrote the book last year and published in October, before the pandemic hit. I love this book and hope more people will read it. There’s a slight bit of politics to it but mostly it’s a story about the people in the town. At times like these, when we are all in quarantine or lock-down or whatever you want to call it, the setting of this story hits a little close to home.

I’m talking about the book today because it’s currently on sale in both the U.S. and U.K. 99 cents in Kindle format on Amazon.

Here’s a description:

Steve and Claire Jensen, a frightened couple who ran away from the Witness Protection Program, are desperate to protect their young children from the bad men targeting the family and the government officials who want to force them to testify despite the danger. Unexpectedly, the couple gets the offer of a lifetime—refuge in a ‘secret’ town that is off-the-grid and free of government control.

The town takes care of its own; the only requirement is that all healthy adults, except caregivers, work in the town. Soon after they arrive, the family can’t believe their good-fortune. The idyllic town nestled in a wooded canyon offers peace and quiet and a small bustling community. But they discover that no place is perfect—government or not, there’s always someone in charge.

After weeks there, Claire begins to notice peculiarities. What is it about this place that gives her goosebumps? Is there a bigger secret than the town’s location, or is she paranoid because of the nightmares she’s endured? When Steve begins to notice, too, they don’t know if they’re both over-reacting, worried over nothing, or if there’s a hidden agenda to the ‘secret’ town.