I’ve been working on my newest novel, Berlin and Betrayal, since late last year. I’m normally a fast writer and, in normal times, I would have finished it months ago. But these aren’t normal times. Like so many others,  I’ve been very distracted by the pandemic, the Black Lives Matter protests, the political news, and many other things going on in the world and in the U.S. this year.

I’m not trying to make excuses, but many writers are having difficulty focusing and being creative right now.

About a month ago, I had more than half of the story written and the rest outlined. But I took time off from writing to work on more WWII research and to let the story percolate.

That brief break, which ended yesterday, helped me realize that something was missing–I didn’t have a well-developed mystery in my ‘historical mystery’ novel.

This morning, as I turned my attention to the story, I realized the mystery is actually there but somewhat buried. All I need to do is dig it out and bring it to the surface. Now, I’m really excited to get back to work on this book and bring it to life.

Book One in the historical mystery series is Breadcrumbs and Bombs and Book Two is Bloodlines and Barbed Wire. http://Breadcrumbs and Bombs