I had to take a little break from computer stuff this week because of an eye problem that started on Monday. I’m back to work now . This afternoon I prepared a brief outline of the rest of my novel, which gives me a path to follow and gives me confidence that my story idea will work.

It’s funny that with each book, my process varies. For some books, I don’t outline at all. This happens more when I’m writing a series and I’m on the second or third or fourth book. I already know the characters, setting, etc.

For others, I start out with a brief outline of the first half of the book. Once I really get going with the writing, the rest of the book falls into place and I don’t need an outline for it.

For others, especially the first book in a new series, I don’t outline the first half but just write and get to know the characters and their problems. Once I get going and have a really good feel for the story, I will then outline the rest of the book and then write, write, write.

Maybe I’m weird, but I let my instinct tell me which method I need for the particular book I’m working on. Now I have to keep my fingers crossed that I’m on the right path for my current book.

When it’s finished, I’ll get back to work on one of the other two books I have in progress.

I guess whether or not people read them, it’s a good distraction for me and keeps me busy and entertained. When it gets near to publication time, I’ll post more about this new book to let you know what the story is about. I will only say, for now, that it’s either a stand-alone book or the first book in a new series–and it has a loose connection to some of my other books. It has a ‘working title’ but I’m not sure what the final title will be.