If you’re looking for a temporary escape into a different world, try my romantic suspense/mystery novel ‘The Secret Town‘. It’s available for free in Kindle format on Amazon today and tomorrow (worldwide). I just wanted to do something positive for people. I hope you like the book. Please tell your friends, too. It’s the second book in a series, but I wrote it in such a way that you don’t have to read the first book to understand it.

Enjoy reading and stay safe, everyone!

What’s it about? Here’s the book description:

Steve and Claire Jensen, a frightened couple who ran away from the Witness Protection Program, are desperate to protect their young children from the bad men targeting the family and the government officials who want to force them to testify despite the danger. Unexpectedly, the couple gets the offer of a lifetime—refuge in a ‘secret’ town that is off-the-grid and free of government control. The town takes care of its own; the only requirement is that all healthy adults, except caregivers, work in the town.

Soon after they arrive, the family can’t believe their good-fortune. The idyllic town nestled in a wooded canyon offers peace and quiet and a small bustling community. But they discover that no place is perfect—government or not, there’s always someone in charge. After weeks there, Claire begins to notice peculiarities. What is it about this place that gives her goosebumps? Is there a bigger secret than the town’s location, or is she paranoid because of the nightmares she’s endured? When Steve begins to notice, too, they don’t know if they’re both over-reacting, worried over nothing, or if there’s a hidden agenda to the ‘secret’ town.

Reviews of the book:

‘A great sequel to “Liars’ Game” but the author did a good job of making this a stand alone book without repeating too much information from the first book. It was hard to figure out what was going on in this creepy town but plenty of hints were dropped along the way. I didn’t figure it out until almost the end of the book and my heart was racing for the characters. I love a good mystery and this did not disappoint. The end left me wanting more information. I’m hoping for another sequel to this series!’

Lots of secrets and mystery in this book, keeping you wondering what will happen all the way to the end. I really enjoyed this book, as I have all of Susan’s books. I am Impatiently waiting for the next book.’

The Secret Town author Susan Finlay did a remarkable job setting up this book. While running from their fears, Steve and Claire Jensen find a Secret Town that just might be exactly what they need to protect their children after learning the Witness Protection Program could not. Find out for yourself if this hidden town might just be too good to be true. I promise, it’s worth the read. I was not disappointed!’

A story filled with intense thrilling events and the solutions devised can always be expected in one of Susan Finlay’s novels. This one certainly had me in the reading grip as I had to keep going no matter what other things were attempting to call me away from it. I finished it last night and could finally get some sleep.
Susan has honed her ability as an author to grab you and not let go until you hear what tale she has conjured for you.

The characters are very likable once you get to know them. At first, I had to try to put myself in their shoes to explain why they were running so scared. it was done for me in no time as the story progressed and I was able to really get the feelings going with this novel.

In the beginning, I was so attracted to the setting and the location surrounding the characters, but as it began to take on an ominous atmosphere, almost like a character itself, I began to be intensely involved and wondered just what was going on. It was difficult to figure it out until close to the end. I am looking forward to a sequel as one seems to be calling to me. There’s more to tell, I wager.’

If you like mysterious stories where every page brings you more questions and intrigue, then this book is for you. This book is the sequel to Liars’ Games, but you don’t really need to have read it to follow the story, since everything you need to know is summarized during this book (though it’s also worth reading).

The story begins with the protagonists, on the run from both the government and from criminals, traveling to a secret town, full of other people who want to stay off the grid. Every day the protagonists encounter strange and suspicious things, and immediately they begin to doubt their decision to move to this mysterious place.

The Secret Town is a great story which makes you constantly wonder and speculate. You’ll want to keep turning pages to try to uncover the mystery lying beneath.’

The very idea of a secret town got my attention right away. I love a good mystery. This is a 2nd book in a series, but it is definitely readable on its own.

I have read all of Susan’s books so I do know some of the cast. I’m ready for “our” adventure to begin and am on the edge of my seat.

The Secret Town is beautiful, homes are lovely & ready to be occupied. Sounds good to me. Jobs are available with the skills & education they have.

Time for Susan to do what she does best stir the pot. Hints about who may or may not be the antagonist. What others are up to it are the helping? She has always at least one thing thrown in that I always go…..where in the heck did she come up with that? And I always love that one part the most!

Susan is unpredictable as an author and that is why I love her books.’