Some of you may be wondering what’s taking me so long to write the third book in my Tangled Roots series.

In early January, we were looking at other cities and states for a new place to live. We finally found a place to call home. We spent a couple months packing up our household, moving, and settling in.  Now that we’re completely settled into our new house and I have my computer set up, I’m back to writing. Yay!

Today, I’m reading the first draft of Berlin and Betrayal, that third book I was talking about. I had left off mid-January about halfway thru writing the book. Since I’ve been away from the story awhile, I have to start at the beginning and read it to immerse myself in the characters, setting, and plot. As I read, I make minor changes here and there.

I’m finding myself really enjoying the story and hope to get it moving forward again! I am confident I can have a finished first draft very soon. It’s possible the title will change, but that’s not a big deal. The story is working and that’s the important thing.