It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is almost over. The third book in my Tangled Roots series should be available in a few weeks.



Some of you may have been wondering what the book is about. Here’s the back cover blurb for Berlin and Betrayal:

In February 2020, Lucas Landry’s burning desire to bring his large German family together for a family reunion, causes him to uproot his wife and kids from California and move them temporarily to Germany. Unfortunately, coinciding with their arrival, a worldwide pandemic takes hold, throwing the world into chaos. With his oldest relatives, survivors of WWII, now in their 80’s and 90’s and in the group most vulnerable to the disease, Lucas fears a reunion might be impossible.

What is he supposed to do? Pack up and go back to the U.S. and admit defeat, wait until the pandemic ends and hope for the best, or look for an alternative?

While Lucas tries to adjust to the quickly changing world and protect his immediate family, he keeps himself busy by further delving into his family’s German roots. Thinking that being in Germany will at least make his research easier, he’s in for a surprise. Some Germans want to forget the past. They’ve lived under a cloud of guilt over their ancestors’ mistakes. Why can’t people forget, just leave it alone? As he digs ever deeper, he uncovers their ordeals from the end of the war and in the early years of their country’s reconstruction.

In February 1945, WWII is winding down and ethnic Germans, including Jette Nagel, her Nazi son, and his family, are being chased out of their homes in the German controlled Sudetenland by the Red Army. To make matters worse, Dresden, the home of Jette’s closest family, has been bombed to shambles by the Allies.

Berlin and Betrayal is a historical genealogical mystery with a dual-timeline. It’s a story about guilt, betrayal, tragedy, and forgiveness.