My newest release is Berlin and Betrayal, the third book in my Tangled Roots series. It’s been out for 20 days now and is doing well. So far, it’s had 21 sales. That’s obviously not huge, but I should point out that it’s had a lot of pages read (for free to readers) thru Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program. A whopping 14,072 pages read in 20 days. I did a rough calculation of pages read and figure that equals more than 35 copies of Berlin and Betrayal. Note: Authors get paid a discounted price for pages read thru that program (roughly $4 per 1,000 pages), but it’s still good for authors. Good for readers and good for authors, in my opinion.

I’m really pleased with the book’s early progress. The numbers might not seem like a lot, but what many people don’t realize is that it’s difficult for authors to market their books if they don’t have a big publisher helping them. Some lucky authors are quite good at marketing, but most of us struggle with it. That’s why we are always looking for ways to get the word out about our books. Any help that readers can give is always very much appreciated.

So far, Berlin and Betrayal has three 5-Star ratings on Amazon U.S., one 5-Star review on Amazon Germany, and two 5-Star ratings on Goodreads. I can’t wait to see more ratings and reviews. Those help promote books and they help authors know what readers like or don’t like about their work.

Here’s Berlin and Betrayal‘s first-ever review. I love it!

Another great episode in the B&B saga!

Finlay delivered once again, this time finally revealing some answers for the open mysteries regarding the fates of some of her characters from the previous stories. We get to see what happened to the characters and how their stories turned out in the end as well as what happened to them in the present day. It was also a nice and interesting touch to include the pandemic, and the author portrayed it very accurately.

As always, I particularly enjoyed how history is shown to be multi-faceted, with so many different perspectives. You can see how, in times of war, everyone can be both the hero and the villain depending on the point of view, and most of the time people’s actions (on all sides) are relatable and justified when you understand the circumstances.

Now I’m just left wondering: is this the end of a trilogy, or is there still more? Perhaps a spin-off series is on the way? (Fingers crossed).