My fifteenth novel, Gold and Gunslingers: A Tangled Roots II Historical Mystery, is live now on Amazon. The Kindle version is $5.79 and the paperback is $12.99. I hope you’ll get copies for yourself. Also, they make great Christmas presents. This book is the first in a new series related to my Tangled Roots series, but you don’t have to read those other books to enjoy this one. It can stand alone.

As you might guess from the title, Gold and Gunslingers is a western. Well, sort of. It’s a dual-timeline story, with half set in the Old West (California Gold Rush) and half set in modern times (including the pandemic). All of my Tangled Roots novels are dual-timeline stories.

When I write these stories, I alternate chapters, with odd numbered chapters in current times and even numbered chapters in the past. I write straight thru from beginning to end. For this new book, when I’d finished the first draft and began work on rewrites/self-edits, I tried something different. I worked on the odd numbered chapters first and then, when those were done, I switched to the even numbered chapters.

I was really surprised to find that I had two complete stories. Not only that, but the stories, to me, kind of mirrored each other. When I did the proofreading, I again read from beginning to end and saw that the two stories worked really well together. I hope you, the readers, will like the book and come away with a good feeling when you finish reading. That’s my goal. Happy reading and Merry Christmas to all!