Planck’s Secret was published yesterday in paperback format for $12.99 and in Kindle format for $5.79. You can get them on Amazon. Also, if you have a subscription to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free.

What most people don’t know, is that I started work on Planck’s Secret almost sixteen years ago. The seed of the story idea came from my husband, a big science fiction and fantasy fan. At the time, I was still fairly new to writing and wasn’t ready to tackle the big story idea, especially when I was more into mysteries than science fiction and fantasy. I knew I would need to do a lot of research for the book, too. I wrote five chapters and then set it aside until a few months ago, when I was finally ready to write the book that I always knew I would finish. I don’t know about other people, but I was certainly ready for some fantasy, given all the horrible things I was hearing on the news. To be fair, even though the plot is fantasy, I decided to anchor it with a little bit of the current news.

When I returned to the book, I had some new ideas. That’s when I knew it needed to have a well-developed mystery or two in the plot. So–

To solve a murder how far back would you go?

In Göttingen, Germany, fourteen-year-old Ariana Richter’s life is in turmoil after losing her mother. Her father buries himself in work and may be under a cloud of suspicion, leaving Ariana feeling alone and disconnected. At night she often suffers nightmares, awakens, then wanders around their dark house.

Against their wills, fifteen-year-old Cody Mueller’s father uprooted Cody and his younger sister Danielle a year ago, moving them overseas from the U.S. Although both kids have learned the language and like their school, Cody has anger issues with his father and his German stepmother.

Feeling shunned after recent events, Ariana hesitates to make new friends, until she meets Dani and Cody. Together, they find a strange device that sends them on fantastical journeys through time and space in search of answers about the origin of the device, linked somehow to a famous physicist from the past—Max Planck.

Will their journeys help Ariana find the peace she desperately needs, and will she ever rid herself of her nightmares? Will their adventures help Cody resolve his issues with his parents? Along the way, they’ll encounter trials, dangers, disappointments and perhaps discover themselves.

Planck’s Secret is a young adult fantasy/alternate history/mystery about family, guilt, trauma, and trust.

From the book:


Planck’s Secret is the first book in a new Young Adult Time Travel/Alternate History Series called The Magical Orb Mystery Series.

Although this is a work of fiction, some places, events, and historical figures here are from real history, but are utilized fictitiously. I’ve researched many nonfiction and fiction books about World War II and about the famous physicist, Max Planck, and have tried to make this story appear as realistic as possible—well, oops, all except for the time travel element and the magical orb, which as far as I know are not real and are purely for entertainment.

I hope you will enjoy your journey back in time to World War II era. Have fun!